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Our Story

Investing in precious metals is ingrained in our culture. Here's how we set off on a journey to make the experience effortless.

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About eBullion

As a company, eBPL is powered by Hindustan Platinum, an Indian refiner, and manufacturer of precious metals with a global footprint with customers in over 50 countries. HP is among the handful of global companies that are accredited for Silver, Platinum, and Palladium in the London Bullion markets - London Bullion Markets Association and London Platinum and Palladium Markets, the global bullion trading center. eBPL combines cutting-edge technology with expertise in precious metals management, strong governance around customers’ assets (funds and metal), and a team motivated in providing solely an awareness-based investment option to customers.


eBullion® provides with the ability to instantly own, 4 of the key precious metals in the world. Our equity market-like settlement mechanism (We deposit metal in advance, and the Customer pays in funds) means that we receive funds only when the independent third-party service operator has received and ensure your metal is in its vault. Metals are fully insured by Global insurers with expertise in insuring metals and are subject to regular third-party audits.

Powered by Hindustan Platinum
A legacy of over 6 decades - Powered by Hindustan Platinum
A legacy of over 6 decades
London Good Delivery Brands - Powered by Hindustan Platinum
London good delivery brands
Buy & Sell 24x7 - eBullion
Buy & sell 24x7
Quick Settlement - eBullion
Quick settlement
Fully Digital - eBullion
Fully digital

Our Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

eBullion’s vision is to be the most trusted online provider of precious metals and related solutions, meeting the requirements of our customers, with a platform built on the pillars of complete transparency, safety, security and robust technology.

Mission Statement

eBullion’s mission is to become a market leader by consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing them with best-of-breed technology solutions; a safe and secure platform for investing in precious metals. We will achieve profitable growth, operational and organisational excellence without compromising our values and business ethics.

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Board of Directors

Dr. Vikram S. Choksi
Dr. Vikram S. Choksi
Gautam A. Choksi
Gautam A. Choksi
Vishwas S. Choksi
Vishwas S. Choksi
Gaurav A. Choksi
Gaurav A. Choksi

Our Team

Our management team leads from the front. Through their collective effort and constant guidance, they have spearheaded the company’s journey, creating a legacy of accomplishments.

Join Our Team - eBullion

Join Our Team

eBullion is an organization that motivates individuals to fulfill their passion and constantly inspires them to unravel their talents and skills. We provide them an abundance of opportunities, with which they can learn, explore, grow and succeed.

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