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Why invest with eBullion

Investment in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium can provide much-needed diversification and help protect your portfolio from risk. eBullion is a secure digital solution that makes purchasing and selling precious metals easier for everyone.

Perpetually Affordable - Buy as little as ₹100 from eBullion
Low entry cost

Own precious metals for as little as ₹100.

Safe - Your holdings are fully insured and held in third-party secure vaults. | eBullion

The metal you buy is fully insured and held in third-party vaults

Direct Ownership - Pooled ownership model, with individual title and ability to get physical metal | eBullion
Direct ownership

Pooled ownership model, with individual title and ability to get physical metal

Real-time pricing - Pricing is linked to wholesale market prices
Two-way pricing

Pricing is transparent and real-time based on global benchmarks

At eBullion, only metals from London Good Delivery brands are vaulted. Insured and held in reputed 3rd party vaults.
Safe & Trusted

Only metals from London Good Delivery brands are vaulted. Insured and held in reputed 3rd party vaults


Always-on platform accessible via smartphone or a laptop

Instant Liquidity
Instant Liquidity

Instant execution with timely and secure bank settlements

100% Digital
100% Digital

Buy physical metals completely online using your Android / iOS device or desktop.

How does eBullion work?

The eBullion advantage

 ETFSovereign Gold bondseBullionPhysical precious metals
Ownership of hard asset?NoNoYes

Allocation of metal
Your metals are allocated, insured, and stored with reputed independent third-party vaulting companies. You remain the outright owner of the asset till the time of sale via eBullion.

Pooled Ownership
eBullion sets aside a pool of metal, which you can invest in. A part of this pool is then owned by you.

Low entry cost?NoNoYes

Start transacting with just Rs. 100
Thanks to our pooled ownership model investing in bullion is easy for everyone.

Zero making charges
As you invest directly in bullion, there are no hidden making charges involved.

Is it secure?YesYesYes

Comprehensive security
Your bullion is comprehensively insured and secured by our reputed third-party vaulting partners

Escrow accounts
Your money is deposited in reputed third party escrow accounts till our vaulting partners confirm availability of metal.

Is quality guaranteed?YesYesYes

Good delivery
Only bars from London Good Delivery Brands are vaulted. Bullion from these refiners is the accepted global standard for the bullion trade.

Backed by Hindustan Platinum
eBullion is powered by Hindustan Platinum, one of India’s most trusted refiners with over 6 decades of experience in precious metals management.

Lock-in period?NoYesNo

No lock-in
Take advantage of market conditions to purchase and sell bullion freely via eBullion without worrying about lock-in periods.

Instant liquidity?YesNoYes

Prices locked
Prices are locked at the moment you want to redeem your bullion against currency.

Quick transfers
Funds are transferred back into your bank account once you have sold your bullion.

24/7 access
With eBullion you have access to your metal 24/7 and can react to changes in global bullion markets in a timely manner.


Solidify your financial portfolio
with precious metal

“Precious metals in addition to having extensive industrial applications, are being now demanded by investors seeking access to hard assets at time of low interest rates and national governments devaluing their fiat currencies”


“Common man’s Gold and space age metal” Silver was among the original coinage metal as far back as 600 BCE till the Silver standard ended in 1935 and still retains utility as a more reasonable store of value during volatility compared to Gold.

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“Platinum is closer to you than you think” Platinum is one of the rarest even amongst the precious metals ,and yet it finds itself near you as a pollution controlling auto catalyst and one of the fasting growing jewellery options for millennials.

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“Viable alternative to Platinum” Palladium is a rare metal but one that is in great demand in a wide range of industries including automotive, chemicals and electrical.

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“Gold as a reserve asset with Central Banks remains a key store of value”  It’s remains the alternative store of value to paper currency, a hedge against inflation, and is one of the best ways to diversify your portfolio.

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About eBullion

eBullion aims to bring investors in India an easy and digital way to buy and sell a wide range of bullion assets. Powered by Hindustan Platinum, one of India’s most trusted refiners and manufacturers of precious metals, eBullion brings you a unique opportunity to invest in digital Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium online. Hindustan Platinum is on the Good Delivery list of the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM) and the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) eBullion brings you the best of both worlds – the benefits of owning the physical metal with the convenience of using technology to invest in it.

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1000g Fine Gold - About eBullion

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