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How to truly diversify
your portfolio

Bullion, especially Silver and Gold, has been a store of value since ancient times. The two metals are unique because they are hard assets and are yet marketable. Paper currency used to derive its value from precious metals till as late as 1971. This link was broken as governments and central banks devalued their paper currency over the years to artificially stimulate their economy or provide liquidity during a financial crisis. 

Devaluation of paper currency leads to inflation, that affects investor wealth over the long-term. Fun fact: Only four precious metals have been issued ISO 4217 currency codes till date – Silver (XAG), Gold (XAU), Platinum (XPT) and Palladium (XPD), confirming their near money status.

Precious metal as assets offer unique protection against inflation - they have intrinsic value, carry no credit risk and cannot be inflated. Since you cannot print more, their value cannot be diminished as easily as paper currency. They also offer genuine protection against geopolitical and economic risks. In developing countries they also offer a hedge against depreciating currencies. 

For investors, precious metals provide real diversification. Most financial assets are highly correlated (they rise and fall together) and therefore do not provide adequate diversification. As they are hard assets with intrinsic value precious metals have remained negatively correlated historically to financial assets. Like any assets precious metals have risks associated with them and are susceptible to temporary imbalances. This can be overcome by accumulating them in a disciplined and continuous manner as a defined percentage of your portfolio. 

On eBullion, pooled ownership and small purchase quantities can help you tailor your precious metal exposure to a precise percentage.


Indians have always preferred investing in Gold over other metals. However, Silver, Platinum and Palladium have significant economic applications and strong intrinsic value and can help investors generate robust returns during times of economic turmoil. 

Traditionally, precious metals, were held by investors in physical form. This raised storage and security concerns. eBullion gets rid of those concerns for investors by vaulting precious metals on a pooled basis using best practices for each of the precious metals.

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Gold is easily the most well-known of precious metal assets, as a store of value either as a reserve asset or jewelry. For over a thousand years, Gold has been used across the world as a legal currency and till the early 1971, the price of paper currencies was fixed against Gold. 

The price of Gold is driven more by its requirements as a safe haven value rather than any intrinsic demand and supply factors. Historically held as a reserve asset by Central Banks around their balance sheet, it sees a surge in demand every-time there is rising economic, or political risk in the world. Central Banks held 34,000 tons of Gold as of Q1 2019 with 651 tons of Gold being purchased in 2018. This is the highest quantity of Gold purchased since Gold was freely traded from 1971. Such trends reflect the general sentiment on financial assets driven by factors such as

  • Rising economic and political risk associated with other reserve assets leading to movement into safer and more liquid assets
  • Negative real and nominal rates vs. a positive compounded rate of return generated by Gold.
  • De-dollarization of the US Dollar

Investing in precious metals like gold can be a wise decision for those looking to diversify their portfolio and protect against market fluctuations. eBullion provides a convenient platform to buy gold and invest in gold online in India. With their digital gold service, investors can easily purchase and hold small denominations of gold digitally, eliminating the need for physical storage and reducing transaction costs. This makes investing in gold accessible and affordable to a wider range of investors while providing a secure and reliable option for those looking to invest in precious metals.


Silver has been considered a precious metal for many centuries with the first use as a currency around 600 BCE. Silver serves a reasonable store of value to Gold as it is cheaper, while offering similar protection to that of Gold.

Further, Silver has an intrinsic demand in Industry due to its special properties. Close to 60 percent of Silver demand in 2019 came from industrial applications. It is the best conductor of electricity in addition to being highly malleable. From electrical switches and solar panels to chemical producing catalysts, its unique properties make it nearly impossible to substitute.

Almost every computer, mobile phone, automobile and appliance contain Silver. It is a great choice for electronic circuitry and therefore sought after by the electronics industry. As computerization, vehicle electrification and solar energy use increase, the annual global industrial demand for Silver of approximately 17,140 tons is expected to grow in the future.

Investing in precious metals such as silver can be a wise choice for diversifying your investment portfolio. At eBullion, you can easily buy and invest in silver online in India without the hassle of physically storing the metal. eBullion offers a secure storage option for your silver investment, making it a convenient and reliable option for those looking to invest in precious metals.

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Platinum is a metal about 30 times rarer than Gold with annual production 15-20 times lower than Gold. The unique physical and catalytic properties of this precious metal ensure that it has a high intrinsic value that appreciates even during times of economic and political stability. The demand for Platinum arises from multiple areas such as the automotive industry, industrial applications, jewelry, and investments.

As a pollution controlling auto-catalyst in every automobile’s catalytic converters, Platinum is closer than we realize on a daily basis. 30% of all Platinum demand for the last 5 years has come from the automobile industry and it is expected to play a pivotal role in reducing vehicle emissions in the long-term thanks to its use in fuel cells for electric vehicles.

Another factor in Platinum’s rising industrial demand is its versatility. It is used across industries ranging from fertilizer production to the curing process for silicone rubber.

Platinum is a biologically compatible metal because it is non-toxic and stable. Platinum usage in healthcare is widespread from surgical instrumentation to pacemakers (over 600,000 pacemakers that are installed globally every year have predominantly Platinum leads).

It is also popular with millennials due to its high ductility when used in jewelry such as rings and pendants across Asia in India, Japan and China.

All these intrinsic factors make Platinum the hard asset that meets the needs of investors during uncertain times. Platinum, like other precious metals recovers faster back to its premium price position over Gold as volatility starts returning to normal levels.

eBullion is a reliable platform for those looking to invest in precious metals like platinum. With the option to buy platinum online in India, investors can easily access and purchase this valuable metal. Investing in platinum can be a wise choice due to its rarity and industrial uses, making it a valuable addition to any investment portfolio.


While Palladium may be lesser known for its investment potential than most other metals, there is a growing demand for it around the world. Its use in manufacturing and industrial processes, healthcare, along with its strong catalytic capabilities, have led to greater interest in it. It offers an alternative to other metals in your portfolio and has some compelling advantages: 

Automotive applications – Palladium is a key component in catalytic converters used in automobiles. With growing demand for vehicles in emerging markets like China and India, the demand for Palladium is likely to remain strong, especially given its scarcity. 

Restricted supply may drive up prices – Three-fourths of the world’s supply of Palladium mined in two countries is – Russia and South Africa. With geopolitical tensions and labor disputes potentially affecting these two countries, supply disruptions may drive prices higher. 

Portfolio diversification – The widespread use of Palladium across industries and geographies allows for some protection against economic uncertainties, making it a valuable addition to an investment portfolio.


Investing in Palladium can be a wise decision, as it is a valuable precious metal that has shown steady growth over the years. At eBullion, you can easily buy Palladium online in India and add it to your investment portfolio. With eBullion's easy-to-use platform and secure payment options, investing in Palladium has been easier.

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